Tips On Running Your Diesel Generator Efficiently

This is a guest post by Sarah Smith.  Sarah is a small business owner and is currently learning about the environment, using the Internet.  Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media and read travel books.  I was interested to learn about how diesel generators can be used most efficiently, because I’ve always lived in places connected to a power grid, so I have no experience with generators.

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If you live in a rural area, especially off the main electrical grid, diesel generators are critical tools to have for everyday power needs. From powering a dishwasher to a power drill, these workhorses offer inexpensive energy for many hours of use. However, diesel is a fossil fuel, emitting fumes into the atmosphere. If you are environmentally conscious, you can still run your generator safely with some basic efficiency tips.

Choose The Large Model

When you are in the market for diesel generators, look for a large model. Small generators naturally have smaller engines, requiring them to operate at high RPMs, or revolutions per minute. These high RPMs consume copious amounts of diesel. Although diesel’s exhaust is not as toxic as gasoline, you do not want to add excessive fumes to the air, or purchase a lot of diesel as replacement.

Large models have bigger engines, allowing them to produce ample power at lower RPMs. Fuel is burned more efficiently, saving you money and preserving the environment.

Part Of A Whole

Another way to run your generator efficiently is making it part of a larger power system. Many homes use solar panels to provide basic power to lamps and electronics. When you need high power for appliances, including water pumps and laundry centers, you can activate the generator. You do not usually need a generator’s current flow for basic items around the house. By using it in conjunction with other energy sources, you save money and conserve energy.

Even your refrigerator does not need to be constantly cycling through the day with a generator. If you keep the door closed for most of the day, you only need to run the generator once or twice a day to cool the interior. The insulated walls should keep the cold air confined to conserve energy.

Schedule Your Power Use

Generators run more efficiently when they are used at their peak operational power. For example, running one small power tool off the generator wastes a lot of diesel. However, activating your water pump, refrigerator and laundry dryer at the same time allows the generator to work at its best level, conserving energy throughout its run. Keep an eye on its maximum output, however. You do not want to overwork the generator with too many appliances running at the same time.

Service It

Similar to a car’s engine, your generator needs consistent servicing to run efficiently. Keep track of the generator’s operating hours. For many models, after 100 hours of use, the fuel, oil and air filters need to be replaced. These filters ensure that the engine is receiving clean diesel at all times, conserving energy and prolonging the life of the machine.

The oil keeps all the internal parts moving smoothly. Without clean oil, your engine begins to use more diesel to compensate for the increased friction. Between periodic oil and filter replacements, your generator works perfectly for many years.

A diesel generator is a tool that keeps your home, or work space, running comfortably with electrical energy. Care for your generator, and run it strategically, to conserve as much energy as you can. You save considerable money and keep your part of the world fume-free. Caring for the environment encourages you to maintain your generator correctly and benefit from its efficient power.

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