Green Tips for a Green Garden

This is a guest post by Sarah Smith.  Sarah is a small business owner and is currently learning about the environment, using the Internet.  Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media and read travel books.

Unwanted pests are always popping up in the garden.  These can ruin flowers or other plants around the yard. Instead of using dangerous chemical pesticides as a means of pest control, there are organic alternatives that
work just as well.  Here are some tips to keep your garden green and free of pests.

Encourage Birds to Visit

Birds are a great way to control unwanted pests because they eat insects.  To welcome birds into a garden, it may be wise to add a bird bath into the area and plant items that attract birds.  For instance, sunflowers are a
great addition to the garden: Besides attracting birds, they can create a useful hedge that keeps other animals away.  Since installing a birdbath, I am now looking at a bird feeder to bring even more of nature’s winged creatures into my garden.

Appreciate the “Beneficial” Bugs

Not all insects are bad.  For example, ladybugs and green lacewings are very good for pest control.  These bugs feed on insects like the aphid that cause damage to garden plants.  It is possible to naturally attract these
“beneficial” bugs with water and herb plants.  It is also possible to purchase these bugs online in the egg stage or as adults, if you don’t have the patience to attract these “insects that eat other insects” into your garden.

Cover with Netting

Some people use the barrier method as a way to keep pests away.  Food plants are commonly protected with a large net.  This prevents unwanted insects from eating the plants but still allows sunlight to penetrate for proper development.  A net is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to preserve a plant and be kind to the environment as well.  I felt I just couldn’t bear to cover my beautiful garden with a net, but it might prove a useful stopgap measure for those trying to get their garden under control.

Organic Insecticide

It is possible to create an organic insecticide from basic pantry ingredients.  To begin, blend 15 cloves of garlic, one onion, three cayenne peppers, and four cups of warm water into a puree.  Place the mixture in a glass jar and steep for one day.  Then strain the mixture and mix in 1/2 teaspoon of liquid castile soap.  Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and apply throughout the garden.  Any remaining amount can be refrigerated and stored for up to two months.  It is important to avoid skin contact because the pepper may cause burns–and please, keep it out of reach of children!

Natural pest control is a safe and efficient way to protect a garden from unwanted insects.  Chemical pesticides are often ineffective and harmful.  Some of the above tips have helped me personally as a gardener to protect my plants from intrusion, while other tips are anecdotal, based on what I’ve learnt from friends and neighbours.  In the end, it is possible to enjoy a lush lawn, beautiful greenery, or tasty fruits and vegetables without worry.

Visit Waste Not Want Not Wednesday for more efficient and natural ideas!  Visit Works-for-Me Wednesday for more helpful tips on many topics!

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  1. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing it on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday :)

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