Don’t take out the trash!

Here's an idea for reducing your garbage output:  Don't take out the trash until the collection day. Store all of your trash inside your living space.  Is it taking up too much room?  That motivates you to throw away less stuff.  Does it stink?  That motivates you to think about better ways to dispose of … Continue reading Don’t take out the trash!

One Thing and Three Things

[adapted from a post to a discussion board when our son Nicholas was 19 months old] When I was a young adult, having trouble adjusting to working full-time on a fixed schedule with a commute instead of being in the more flexible environment of college, and also was having some other problems that led me to … Continue reading One Thing and Three Things

Energy Independence Day

Recently, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced plans to get some environmental legislation through Congress before July 4 so that it will be "Energy Independence Day": Of course, there's no way the United States can eliminate the need to get energy (oil, etc.) from other countries in less than two months, so her … Continue reading Energy Independence Day