How the East End Food Co-op Keeps Me Fit and Happy

I've been on this Earth-friendly journey for a long time, and some parts of it have gotten a lot easier. Twenty years ago, you couldn't buy plant-based cleaners or chlorine-free toilet paper at and have them show up on your porch two days later!  I saw a tiny ad for Seventh Generation brand products … Continue reading How the East End Food Co-op Keeps Me Fit and Happy


How to support Girl Scouts without buying cookies

It's Girl Scout Cookie time!  I was a Girl Scout from second grade all the way through high school, I am a Lifetime Member, and I was a leader from 2002 to 2010.  I've sold a few thousand boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scouting is an important program that had a huge influence on … Continue reading How to support Girl Scouts without buying cookies

ePantry keeps getting better!

ePantry, a convenient subscription service for environmentally-friendly supplies delivered to your home, has become more energy-efficient for customers living in the eastern United States by adding a distribution center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  They've also expanded the product line to include more of the products I recommend, and I've tried something new that I like a … Continue reading ePantry keeps getting better!

Grocery Spending for a Family of 3 in 2010

Our average spending per month was $320.90. Yet these official figures from the United States Department of Agriculture indicate that, in 2008, a five-year-old child and two parents in their thirties could expect to spend $422.10 per month if they're "thrifty". Our pantry is close to full most of the time, we all eat hearty snacks as well as meals, we make lots of food to share with friends as well as donating to the food pantry, and we're generally very happy with our diet and don't feel we're scrimping. How do we do it on so low a budget?