Go Green in 2019: Cut Back on Single-Use Plastic!

Here in Pittsburgh, we're having a challenge to reduce consumption of single-use plastic (SUP) products.  If you live somewhere else, launch a challenge in your area!  Even if you make it just your personal challenge to use fewer SUPs yourself and to ask the stores and restaurants you visit to stop pushing so many SUPs on … Continue reading Go Green in 2019: Cut Back on Single-Use Plastic!


Trader Joe’s Thai Yellow Curry Sauce review

Executive Summary: This is a C+ sauce.  If you don't have time to make your own, this is better than no curry sauce at all.  The flavor is not fabulous, probably because it's made with a lot of the wrong ingredients. My 14-year-old asked me to buy this sauce as a quick meal option, now that … Continue reading Trader Joe’s Thai Yellow Curry Sauce review

Go Green in 2018: Can You Afford to Buy Greener Products?

Twenty years ago, I saw a catalog filled with practical household products that were better for the environment than the stuff we'd been using: laundry and dish and cleaning products made from plants and natural minerals, paper products made from recycled paper, tampons and cloth towels made from organic cotton.  I was excited!  But I'd … Continue reading Go Green in 2018: Can You Afford to Buy Greener Products?

ePantry keeps getting better!

ePantry, a convenient subscription service for environmentally-friendly supplies delivered to your home, has become more energy-efficient for customers living in the eastern United States by adding a distribution center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  They've also expanded the product line to include more of the products I recommend, and I've tried something new that I like a … Continue reading ePantry keeps getting better!

Grocery Spending for a Family of 3 in 2010

Our average spending per month was $320.90. Yet these official figures from the United States Department of Agriculture indicate that, in 2008, a five-year-old child and two parents in their thirties could expect to spend $422.10 per month if they're "thrifty". Our pantry is close to full most of the time, we all eat hearty snacks as well as meals, we make lots of food to share with friends as well as donating to the food pantry, and we're generally very happy with our diet and don't feel we're scrimping. How do we do it on so low a budget?