Single-use Plastic, Twenty Years Later

I'm about to go out and hang flyers inviting everyone to a Plastic-Free Potluck, and I'm taking the jar of thumbtacks from my desk drawer at home. This jar once held Vitamin C tablets from Revco, which used to be a drugstore chain here in Pittsburgh. Up the hill, where Pamela's diner is now--that used … Continue reading Single-use Plastic, Twenty Years Later

Crispy Garlic Kale

This is a quick, easy, tasty way to get a lot of vegetable into your meal! With the right cooking technique, kale becomes very crisp, almost like potato chips but a bit chewier.  Garlic makes it taste great!  (You might want to chew some xylitol gum to freshen your breath after eating....) We cook this … Continue reading Crispy Garlic Kale

Vinegar Girl, Bright April, Tell the Machine Goodnight [book reviews]

As we wrap up the second decade of the twenty-first century, I've been reading and thinking about things like the effects of immigration policy on science and marriage, how the struggle against racism has changed over time, and what weird new technologies may emerge in the 2020s. Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler The cover emphasizes … Continue reading Vinegar Girl, Bright April, Tell the Machine Goodnight [book reviews]

Tips for Feeding a Picky Eater: Part 1

This is a guest post by Jill Exman Tedlock, whom I met through New Mom's Coffee, an absolutely wonderful resource here in metropolitan Pittsburgh.  Once you've attended this in-person discussion group, you can join several affiliated Facebook groups to discuss raising children of different ages or to discuss related topics, like cooking for your family.  … Continue reading Tips for Feeding a Picky Eater: Part 1

Two First Novels by Authors Starting with K [book reviews]

I stepped into an aisle in my local library's fiction section and checked out the first two books that looked good.  Each of them turned out to be the first novel by an author experienced in another type of writing--Erin Kelly is a journalist, and Richard Kramer is a television scriptwriter.  Both of them are … Continue reading Two First Novels by Authors Starting with K [book reviews]

Good News About Irradiated Food!

There's a lot of bad news about America's food supply in this century: Terrifying pesticides!  Increasing rates of food allergies and gluten sensitivity!  Food poisoning!  Junk food loaded with crappy ingredients, pushed on us from every direction using unscrupulous marketing techniques!  Insane amounts of Earth-destroying packaging!  Endocrine disruptors!  Epidemic obesity!  Food crops threatened by the … Continue reading Good News About Irradiated Food!

Trixie Belden and the Little Fires Within You [book reviews]

My daughter Lydia is about to start kindergarten and is not really reading yet, only recognizing about 10 words.  That's fine.  When I was her age, I was reading on about a fourth-grade level, and that was fine, too--except that I got bored with the books in my classroom.  My father mentioned to a co-worker … Continue reading Trixie Belden and the Little Fires Within You [book reviews]