Kaper Chart

Kaper is the word Girl Scouts use for any of the little tasks that make a meeting or activity possible.  As a Junior leader, I use the patrol system and give each patrol a responsibility, but when I was an assistant Brownie leader one of my roles in the troop was to make the kaper … Continue reading Kaper Chart

The Frog Game

Here's a game I learned at camp many years ago.  It's a fun way to fill those moments when you need something to do that doesn't require any special equipment.  We used to play it when we got to the dining hall early and were waiting for the dinner bell to ring! Shhh, don't tell the kids, but … Continue reading The Frog Game

Zucchini Tofu

Here is my favorite tofu recipe.  Although it's sort of Chinese-like, I cook it more slowly over lower heat than an authentic Chinese stir-fry, which gives the onions a very different flavor.  Quantities are very approximate; basically it's "season to taste".  When zucchini is not in season, you can use frozen zucchini, thawed and drained--but … Continue reading Zucchini Tofu

Train Travel

We just took a trip to Chicago and back on Amtrak, and it was wonderful!  Our three-year-old railroad enthusiast was thrilled, and Daniel and I had a great time too.  It's dramatically different from airline travel.  Some of the differences are absolutely positive, others are better from our point of view but wouldn't suit everyone, and … Continue reading Train Travel