EASY Homemade Baby Food!

This is NOT a paid endorsement.  This is my unsolicited review of a product I liked. This is an idea that's been around a while (both my mother and Daniel's say they had something like this when we were babies in the early 1970s) but I hardly ever see today's parents doing it or talking … Continue reading EASY Homemade Baby Food!

Pittsburgh Yam Fake (a sweet potato dish for summer!)

This is the dish to make if you wish you could make New England Yam Bake, but it's 85 degrees in your kitchen and anyway what you have handy is 2 cups of sweet potatoes that were sliced raw, frozen, and thawed (see the first Saturday of Three Weeks of Vegetarian Dinners for historical details) … Continue reading Pittsburgh Yam Fake (a sweet potato dish for summer!)

A Different Party Favor–thrifty and earth-friendly!

Our seven-year-old Nicholas recently had a party.  He also has attended several kids' parties this year and has come home from every one of them with a bag or bucket of items that he considers treasures and his parents consider crap--you know, cheap plastic toys made in China and low-quality, over-packaged candy and gum.  We … Continue reading A Different Party Favor–thrifty and earth-friendly!

Kirn Family Kale

More than three years ago, I posted many ways to eat kale, beginning the article with an acknowledgement that many people think it's just a garnish and that, personally, I grew up knowing kale as a notorious vegetable used by my maternal grandmother’s family, seasoned with cloves and cayenne pepper and cooked “until the wallpaper peels,” to … Continue reading Kirn Family Kale