Slaying the Snooze-button Sloth

I had some trouble deciding what to do for Lent this year.  We gave up meat in 2002, but since then we've eaten so much less meat that giving it up completely wouldn't make a noticeable daily difference.  I toyed with several ideas and started into Lent by reading selections from the Gospel aloud to … Continue reading Slaying the Snooze-button Sloth

Overheard in an office

...and reported to my friends and family in this e-mail on September 9, 1997, long before there was an Overheard in the Office Website, back when I was working at the invention company: Last week, my least-favorite co-worker departed for another job.  There was much rejoicing.  Stephanie had irritated everyone by criticizing them while insisting that she … Continue reading Overheard in an office