Palak Paneer

This is a simple homemade version of the delicious "creamed spinach with cheese" dish popular in Indian restaurants.  We've tweaked the recipe enough that it's become our own, and meanwhile the recipe we started from is no longer online. Paneer is a firm, white cheese you can buy at an Indian grocery store--it's the best … Continue reading Palak Paneer

Garam Masala Baked Lentils

Garam masala is an Indian spice blend available in bulk at the food co-op.  We've often boiled green lentils with garam masala in a pot on the stove, as a high-protein main dish to go with whatever Indian vegetable dish we were making.  Sometimes that's been kind of annoying, though, as the cooking time is … Continue reading Garam Masala Baked Lentils

Help Save Pittsburgh from Instant Garbage!

Here are some upcoming events in our Challenge to reduce single-use plastic products in Pittsburgh: Tuesday, March 5, Allegheny County Council will consider a resolution on plastic reduction, 5:00pm at the City-County Building. Saturday, March 9, a "No Plastic, Please" Awareness Blitz will train volunteers to visit (the same day) restaurants in Squirrel Hill to … Continue reading Help Save Pittsburgh from Instant Garbage!