Grape-nuts Smile

This is a simple, nutritious snack or breakfast that my four-year-old has been enjoying since he was two:Put some Grape-nuts cereal and milk in a bowl.Use healthy toppings to draw a face on the top surface.Eat!This started when I fixed him a bowl of Grape-nuts with sorghum syrup (huh?) and on impulse dribbled the syrup in … Continue reading Grape-nuts Smile


Our son is four-and-a-half years old and has his entire foreskin intact.  We have never regretted for a moment our decision not to have him circumcised. I always was a bit skeptical of the idea of surgically removing healthy tissue from newborns.  My father explained that the foreskin can't become infected or cancerous if it … Continue reading Circumcision


Daniel and I are featured in this podcast from Schell Studio, in which we discuss some of our favorite books, movies, and games, mostly the science fiction ones, with our good friend Jordu Schell and another friend, Mike. Note that this is 90 minutes long so you don't start listening when you don't have time.I … Continue reading N.E.R.D.cast!