Packing for a Picnic or Potluck: Reusable Gear!

Picnic/barbecue season is here, with mounds of disposable tableware: soggy paper, bendy plastic, skidgy foam, spoons that scratch our mouths and melt in our coffee, forks whose tines snap off, knives that won't cut anything, cups that are too cold or hot to hold without adding a layer of cardboard. Everybody's cup is identical, so we have to write our names on them. What convenience! What convenience? We've started bringing our own dishes, utensils, and napkins when we go to picnics and some potlucks.

Impulse Control and Understanding Consequences

Like learning to share, these are skills some parents claim are absolutely impossible in babies and toddlers.  I think they're underestimating what those little brains can do!  Babies are capable of controlling some impulses, some of the time--they just aren't as good at it as older people.  Babies are capable of learning that something they … Continue reading Impulse Control and Understanding Consequences

Spreadable Butter

This isn't a recipe, exactly, but more of a food-related tip: I grew up seeing that butter or margarine was always stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, I assumed that it would spoil quickly if left out. Shortly after I moved up to Pennsylvania for college, a friend who'd grown up nearby invited me home for the weekend. I was astonished to see that … Continue reading Spreadable Butter