Two First Novels by Authors Starting with K [book reviews]

I stepped into an aisle in my local library's fiction section and checked out the first two books that looked good.  Each of them turned out to be the first novel by an author experienced in another type of writing--Erin Kelly is a journalist, and Richard Kramer is a television scriptwriter.  Both of them are … Continue reading Two First Novels by Authors Starting with K [book reviews]


Two Things About the Climate Strikes

I attended the Student Climate Strike on September 20 in Pittsburgh.  So did my 14-year-old son, who is actually a student.  I went to show my support of the students but also because climate change is affecting me, too, and all of us.  A lot of other gray-haired people had the same idea. In fact, … Continue reading Two Things About the Climate Strikes

Good News About Irradiated Food!

There's a lot of bad news about America's food supply in this century: Terrifying pesticides!  Increasing rates of food allergies and gluten sensitivity!  Food poisoning!  Junk food loaded with crappy ingredients, pushed on us from every direction using unscrupulous marketing techniques!  Insane amounts of Earth-destroying packaging!  Endocrine disruptors!  Epidemic obesity!  Food crops threatened by the … Continue reading Good News About Irradiated Food!

Trixie Belden and the Little Fires Within You [book reviews]

My daughter Lydia is about to start kindergarten and is not really reading yet, only recognizing about 10 words.  That's fine.  When I was her age, I was reading on about a fourth-grade level, and that was fine, too--except that I got bored with the books in my classroom.  My father mentioned to a co-worker … Continue reading Trixie Belden and the Little Fires Within You [book reviews]