Zippered Mesh Bags for Laundering

You can, in fact, machine-wash most "hand wash only" clothing in cold water with one of these bags to protect it from the washing machine agitator and your other garments' zippers! Being able to machine-wash nearly all of my laundry saves me a lot of time and aggravation. It also saves water because I can just toss the bag in with a regular load of laundry instead of filling my sink. Also, I've found some other uses for these nifty bags.

When Robots Comment on Your Blog

Sigh.  First robots were writing news broadcasts and e-mailing them to me.  Then robots started writing blogs and trackbacking to mine.  Now robots are posting comments here.  For example, here's one that just arrived, theoretically responding to my electric kettle article, from a robot named Woumesque: While a overwhelming seroquel 150mg to bottom of theyd … Continue reading When Robots Comment on Your Blog

Grocery Spending for a Family of 3 in 2010

Our average spending per month was $320.90. Yet these official figures from the United States Department of Agriculture indicate that, in 2008, a five-year-old child and two parents in their thirties could expect to spend $422.10 per month if they're "thrifty". Our pantry is close to full most of the time, we all eat hearty snacks as well as meals, we make lots of food to share with friends as well as donating to the food pantry, and we're generally very happy with our diet and don't feel we're scrimping. How do we do it on so low a budget?