Throw the ball uphill!

As the playing-outdoors season is (slowly, teasingly) beginning, I've been repeatedly reminded of a really useful yet simple concept that a neighbor taught me two years ago: When a small child is involved in playing with a ball on a hill, throw the ball uphill.  That way, when it hits the ground and starts rolling, … Continue reading Throw the ball uphill!


Balancing on the Ball

We've had an exercise ball for a couple of years now--one of those large, inflatable balls strong enough to hold an adult's weight, which can be used for lots of exercises.  Daniel and I both love it.  (Our five-year-old son loves it, too, but less for exercising than for rolling recklessly around the room and … Continue reading Balancing on the Ball

7 Lessons from Lent

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday at my favorite religious blog, and while my takes might not be quick, I'd like to share 7 things I recently learned: 1. I really, really hate flossing my teeth, and I do not get used to it. The reason I decided that my Lenten discipline would be flossing my … Continue reading 7 Lessons from Lent


Local Lent diary

UPDATE: Eight years later, I'm linking this Lenten inspiration to Hearth & Soul . . . and I'm thinking about how I can reduce the plastic coming into and being discarded from our home this Lent!  I'm also going to make more of an effort to read the Bible to my three-year-old daughter, who has … Continue reading Local Lent diary