Autumnymity is the situation in which you can’t recognize a tree because it has lost its leaves.

I suddenly thought of this yesterday.

Google tells me nobody else has used this word on the Internet.  Hooray!  A new word!

Thinking Out Loud

I talk to my kid a lot.  He’s five-and-a-half years old now and has some interesting things to say, but long before he was capable of conversation I talked to him quite a bit.  It wasn’t really a conscious strategy, just that I like having a companion sharing my experiences.  In my own childhood, I was treated as a valued companion by my parents and other relatives, who talked to me as if I were an intelligent person–not an itsy bitsy wuggums who needs baby talk and must be sheltered from reality, not a burden who should be seen and not heard–so it comes naturally to me to talk to kids in a normal way about real things. Read more…

7 Quick Takes on 1 Dream

1. Pittsburgh has the topography of my dreams. By this I don’t mean, “I always wanted to live in a place with steep hills and confusing street layout!” (I do enjoy it, but that was a gradual discovery after I moved here, not a reason to move here) but I mean that Pittsburgh when I’m awake is the kind of landscape in which I tend to wander in dreams. This particular dream was set in Pittsburgh, and I even knew which neighborhood I was in (Bloomfield) and which one I was trying to take a bus to (Oakland), but once I gave up on the bus and started walking, it turned into one of those journeys abounding in sharp turns, unexpected staircases, cryptic signs, paths at the end of the road, odd characters hanging around, wildflowers growing through concrete, sudden bridges to totally different places, mysterious artifacts of previous civilizations, and finally realizing that the place you’re trying to get to is right there 50 feet above you.  I’ve always dreamed about this sort of wandering.  Now it’s part of my waking life, too. Read more…