Line-drying Laundry

I already wrote about clotheslines, but that article is ancient now; I wrote it for a college class in magazine writing in 1995 and later put it online.  Line-drying all my laundry is something that still works for me, and now that I have 20 years of experience, I have even more to say about … Continue reading Line-drying Laundry

Perceived Stress Scale

Although I am discussing my work here, the point of view is my own, and this is not an official statement of the Pittsburgh Youth Study. I recently helped write a book about the research study for which I am the data manager.  We analyzed data collected from 1,009 boys over 13 years, and we … Continue reading Perceived Stress Scale

Optimal Oatmeal

This is the breakfast that works for me in chilly weather! I have a fast metabolism, and prolonged hunger makes me dizzy, so it's important for me to eat enough breakfast that I feel full until lunchtime. This breakfast also is high in iron, which was especially important when I was anemic while pregnant and nursing. Oatmeal is supposed to help increase milk supply for nursing mothers. It also has lots of fiber for good digestive health. This recipe is vegan yet rich and creamy. It's convenient because all the ingredients are shelf-stable, so I can make it even when we're running low on fresh stuff. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive in bulk at the food co-op.

Explaining the G-20 Protests to a Preschooler

It's been one week since Pittsburgh hosted the G-20 economic summit.  The demonstrations against it and the police reactions to those demonstrations were a lot milder than they have been at previous summits in other cities, but there was some violent conflict and questionable conduct on both sides--check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or Pittsburgh City … Continue reading Explaining the G-20 Protests to a Preschooler