I’ll Keep That in Mind.

Once kids learn to talk and learn that their parents are capable of acquiring new possessions using this magical stuff called money, they generally begin clamoring to own everything they see that is even remotely appealing.  Every trip to the store becomes a constant barrage of, “Mama!  Can we have peaches? . . .  I want these cookies and those cookies! . . .  Look, tinsel toothpicks!!!”  Aargh.  A parent quickly burns out on patiently explaining why we are not going to buy that, only to be interrupted by a demand for something else.  It’s easy to see the kid as greedy and ungrateful! Read more…


Our six-year-old son, following in the tradition of his parents, has begun to make up words by sticking together two other words.

Distortellini is, of course, a filled pasta that turned out with a different shape than intended.

It’s the sort of item that turns up at Market Outlet.

My New Dishwasher vs. The Environment

There are many things we can do to conserve resources that take some extra work.  Many of them pay off by giving us better quality “real” stuff to use, health benefits, cost savings, or surprising new versions of convenience.

Then there’s washing the dishes.

It turns out that today’s automatic dishwashers use less water and energy than washing dishes by hand! For once, the environmentally friendly way is not the difficult way! Read more…