Watermelon is your ex-husband.

SCENE: The dining room, last night.  Mama has a strangely terrible stomachache and is trying to eat a banana, hoping that it will absorb some of the acid.  Nicholas, six years old, is babbling about many things that do not sink in to Mama's distracted mind. NICK: Babble!  Babble!  Watermelon is your ex-husband. MAMA: What? … Continue reading Watermelon is your ex-husband.

When Robots Write Novels in Your Comment Box

Mysterious robots sometimes comment on my articles.  WordPress is much, much better at filtering spam than my old blog software, but it does sometimes put non-spam comments in the spam folder.  That is where I found the text below, which I have edited a little bit to make it more entertaining, but I did not … Continue reading When Robots Write Novels in Your Comment Box

Fruit Labels, Jar Labels, Six-Packs, Environment, and Health

You know those annoying little stickers that are on most fruits you can buy individually in supermarkets?  The ones that are so thin and so well-glued that they're often impossible to remove without gouging a hole in your fruit?  Yeah, I always knew they were evil.  In addition to being annoying on edible-skinned fruits, if … Continue reading Fruit Labels, Jar Labels, Six-Packs, Environment, and Health

Homemade Electrolyte Replenisher (Sports Drink)

UPDATE in 2016: This trusty recipe has now carried me through seven summers, another low-blood-pressure pregnancy, another two years of breastfeeding (which increases the risk of dehydration), and several digestive illnesses!  Today I've updated some references in this post and linked up with Real Food Friday, where my recent post on using up the vegetables … Continue reading Homemade Electrolyte Replenisher (Sports Drink)