Children as Household Helpers

Projects that benefit the whole family, done by parent(s) and child(ren) working together, give a child a sense of being useful in the family.  Feeling that he can do valuable work may help him to focus more on the needs of the family than his own needs and wants.  We've found that Nicholas tends to be very calm … Continue reading Children as Household Helpers

The POD Concept

Years before we became parents, a childless friend told us about some people she knew who had a new baby and had managed their activities at a convention very effectively using The POD Concept, which she then explained to us.  I hope that someday I will meet those people so I can tell them how very useful … Continue reading The POD Concept

Anything works better when you know how to use it!

This columnist argues that teenagers shouldn't be taught about contraception because studies show that younger, poorer, unmarried people using oral contraceptives or condoms are more likely to get pregnant than older, more affluent, married people using the same devices.  It's an interesting attempt at logic, but it leaves out a crucial point: Any contraceptive method that requires action … Continue reading Anything works better when you know how to use it!