Top 19 Articles of 2019

This isn't really a blog.  It's an ever-expanding, interlinked reference book.  As my new articles keep linking to old articles, and other people also link to those old articles or share them on social media, they continue to draw readers for years after publication.  That means that when I look over the WordPress statistics for … Continue reading Top 19 Articles of 2019

Top 18 Articles of 2018

Like last year, this was a year in which The Earthling's Handbook drew more readers to the articles that have been here a long time (and therefore have been linked to more often, on other sites as well as in my own articles) than to new articles.  The list of overall most-popular articles is so … Continue reading Top 18 Articles of 2018

The Temporary Fate of “Cute and Thrifty Scouring Powder”

Hello, readers!  Click here for the real article about how to make your own scouring powder. This post exists because, five days after I posted the original article, I noticed that it had totally disappeared!!!  Because I had connected it to a number of link parties, I hastily posted an apology and attempted to give … Continue reading The Temporary Fate of “Cute and Thrifty Scouring Powder”