A Morning Glory Moment on Earth

Last fall, when I pulled down dead vines from my front yard, I tossed them onto the hillside in the back to help control erosion. Some of the seeds fell into the soil and grew into vines that have climbed over everything that helps them reach the light.

Am I your role model?

It's great to hear from readers who say that The Earthling's Handbook taught them some incredibly helpful idea that they use all the time now.  That's what I want to do!  I want to make the world a better place by sharing things that work for me, especially things that help people conserve resources, eat … Continue reading Am I your role model?

Tomatillo Salsa and 3 Flavors of Roasted Tomatoes

It's been a great summer for tomatoes here in western Pennsylvania!  Our CSA farm share brought us 27 tomatoes and 18 tomatillos last week, and 38 tomatoes two weeks ago.  We expect to get more tomatoes today! We learned several years ago that roasting in seasoned oil makes tomatoes taste great, take up less space, … Continue reading Tomatillo Salsa and 3 Flavors of Roasted Tomatoes