Lemon Creamy Salmon photo tutorial!

Lent is about half over.  If you're fasting from meat during Lent, and you normally eat a lot of meat, by now you're probably getting kind of bored with fish sticks and macaroni-and-cheese.  Time to try something new! I've posted this recipe before, explaining how this delicious complete meal can be adjusted to work with … Continue reading Lemon Creamy Salmon photo tutorial!


This rich, filling casserole is a wonderful comfort food for chilly days!  It's made with real ingredients--no canned soup--yet it's fairly easy to put together.  Turkey Tetrazzini is traditional, but my family usually doesn't eat meat other than fish, so we most often make Tetrazzini with canned Alaskan salmon.  We've also made it with cubes … Continue reading Tetrazzini