Gardening is Good for You! {infographic}

It's been a tough year for our garden.  I'm going to write more about it someday, but at the moment we're busy digging, planting, laying a new stone path, building a new raised bed, and visualizing a beautiful garden next year! Meanwhile, here is an infographic to motivate us by pointing out the physical and emotional … Continue reading Gardening is Good for You! {infographic}


Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovations

We Earthlings are planning to renovate and slightly expand our small, shabby, 1950s kitchen, so I'm very interested in this guest post by Sofia Lockett, a freelance writer based in Auckland, who is passionate about travel, technology and innovation. Sofia has written for New Zealand businesses such as Kitchens are the heart of the … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovations

I let my vegetarian kid cook a steak.

We’ve raised our kids to be mostly vegetarian.  We have fish once every week or two, but we never cook any other meat at home.  We sometimes eat meat in restaurants or in other people’s homes.  So it’s really more accurate to say we eat a low-meat diet than to say we’re vegetarian.  It’s more … Continue reading I let my vegetarian kid cook a steak.