My Top 3 Kitchen Time-Saving Tips

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship is asking everyone to share our top 3 kitchen time-savers this week!  I work full-time outside the home, and although my partner Daniel has been doing more than half the cooking in the past few years, I do most of the planning, shopping, and preliminary preparations.  He works from home and … Continue reading My Top 3 Kitchen Time-Saving Tips


GAME SHOW!! with math practice

My third-grade son and I came up with a game that was a lot of fun and valuable math practice and physical exercise for him, while being very easy for me and using only a few basic supplies that were easy to set up and clean up.  This is a perfect activity for families in … Continue reading GAME SHOW!! with math practice

Top 10 Articles Earthlings Read in 2013

Just like 2012, most of my most-read articles in 2013 were classics published before 2013. Well, after all, this isn't really a blog; it's a free ebook to which I keep adding chapters, so the old stuff is still relevant. Here, just in case you missed them, are the 10 articles added in 2013 that … Continue reading Top 10 Articles Earthlings Read in 2013


Wearing a stretchy tummy band instead of maternity pants: A review

Soon after my first pregnancy, it became fashionable to wear a top over another top that is longer and sticks out at the bottom. Soon after that, I heard about a garment called the Bella Band that is simply a wide band of stretchy fabric worn around the abdominal area, such that it looks like … Continue reading Wearing a stretchy tummy band instead of maternity pants: A review


Baked Fish with Clementines

This recipe works with any citrus fruit, but I made it most recently with clementines because they seem especially abundant and affordable this winter, so we had bought a big box! It is a good way to use up clementines (or an orange or lemon, or probably it would work with limes or a grapefruit) … Continue reading Baked Fish with Clementines