Simply Balanced curry sauce review (2 flavors)

One of my most popular articles in 2019 was a review of a curry simmer sauce in a bottle--and that sauce was not very good, so we wanted to try some other convenient, ready-to-use curry sauces in search of a better one. We've found two that are quite tasty, and they're not an obscure brand … Continue reading Simply Balanced curry sauce review (2 flavors)

Garam Masala Baked Lentils

Garam masala is an Indian spice blend available in bulk at the food co-op.  We've often boiled green lentils with garam masala in a pot on the stove, as a high-protein main dish to go with whatever Indian vegetable dish we were making.  Sometimes that's been kind of annoying, though, as the cooking time is … Continue reading Garam Masala Baked Lentils