Washing Plastic Bags

It’s Works-for-Me Wednesday , so here’s a mundane but easy tip that saves a lot of money and helps the environment, too!

We wash and reuse plastic food bags, like zip-top freezer bags and sandwich bags.  I always used to shake out crumbs or maybe rinse them a little, but if there was any significant food stuck in a bag I’d throw it away.  Now that I’ve figured out how to wash them, I can get several uses out of almost every bag.

Here’s how to do it: Read more…

How can I ask for what I need?

This week, Works-for-Me Wednesday is a backwards edition: Contributors are asked to post a question about something that isn’t working, and readers can then comment on what works for them. Here’s an issue that’s been perplexing me:

Too often, especially when talking to my family (partner Daniel and five-year-old son Nicholas), I realize that a discussion has gone badly because I started out explaining what I don’t want and why, instead of explaining what I do want or need. It’s as if I assume that everyone else will want the thing I don’t want and try to force it on me. There’s also some kind of screwed-up idea of being humble about my own needs and offering to do everything for everybody yet inwardly hoping that they will save me by offering to do things for me and that will be so much more luxurious if it wasn’t my idea . . . but it rarely works out that way! Read more…