Excellent Educational Toy!

One evening last week, my five-year-old was in one of those moods where he makes unreasonable demands.  "I have to have my own computer!" he said in an unpleasant tone. "You already have your own computer," I reminded him.  He has one of those toy laptops designed for preschoolers; my uncle gave it to him … Continue reading Excellent Educational Toy!


Jeremy’s Stuffed Shells

Jeremy Halpern is a friend Daniel has known since grade school, who has some good ideas about food.  He gave Daniel this recipe years ago, written on a tiny sheet of paper, which we have carefully kept ever since.  These cheese-stuffed pasta shells have been our Christmas dinner every year since 1997.  Once we'd tried … Continue reading Jeremy’s Stuffed Shells

It’s Only Monday.

I was invited by my pastor to present a "reflection" on the scripture readings for tonight's church service, like a short sermon.  Our Episcopal parish has a service every day in this week before Easter, and we have a tradition of laypeople giving the reflections on the Monday and Tuesday--probably partly so that our pastor … Continue reading It’s Only Monday.


Chickicheesinara Sauce

A decade ago, my friend Alison posted some recipes online, and several times since then she'd mentioned her Chickicheesinara Sauce for spaghetti . . . but for some reason, I never got around to trying it until just a few weeks ago!  Not only did my whole family like it, but also I noticed something … Continue reading Chickicheesinara Sauce


We Eat This. 8 Unusual Nutritious Foods

My mother has taken several trips around Japan, visiting many ordinary people and not just the tourist destinations.  She says she's often been served an interesting food and asked what it is, only to get the reply, "We Eat This."  Translation: "We don't know enough English and you don't know enough Japanese for us to … Continue reading We Eat This. 8 Unusual Nutritious Foods


Steel Kitchen Cabinets!

Our house was a bargain, priced about $40,000 less than similar houses in the immediate area.  Our realtor said, "Well, it's a bargain to you because you like the kitchen.  Most people would expect to spend about $40,000 totally redoing the kitchen." Yes, we're charmed by our kitchen decor, which dates from the 1950s: pink … Continue reading Steel Kitchen Cabinets!