Pens Made from Recycled Plastic (B2P product review)

Note to my relatives coming to my house for Christmas: Spoiler alert! Don't read this until after Christmas!   I've had a pretty hectic December--including a back injury that has made some tasks impossible and forced me to spend more time resting than usual--but my gift shopping has come together pretty well.  Just last night, though, … Continue reading Pens Made from Recycled Plastic (B2P product review)

Science Projects for Kids!

Our son Nicholas is in second grade at a great public school!  Each month, he has to do two science projects at home.  I really like the way these projects are organized.  [UPDATE: When I wrote this, the project ideas were available online.  They aren't anymore--sorry!--but at least we still have the ideas discussed here!] … Continue reading Science Projects for Kids!