But why should your tax status be based on your sex life?

Last week, the United States Supreme Court decided that federal laws that apply to married people apply to same-sex couples who are married in a state where same-sex marriage is legal.  As a liberal person who supports equal rights, I'm supposed to rejoice in this great victory for equality and diversity. In a way, I … Continue reading But why should your tax status be based on your sex life?


Our son is four-and-a-half years old and has his entire foreskin intact.  We have never regretted for a moment our decision not to have him circumcised. I always was a bit skeptical of the idea of surgically removing healthy tissue from newborns.  My father explained that the foreskin can't become infected or cancerous if it … Continue reading Circumcision


Check the facts behind those negative campaign ads!  This site is like Snopes for politics.Hey, I never knew this before: Some spiders are indoor spiders who long ago evolved to live inside buildings!Curvy-hipped women are smarter and have smarter children.A man whose parents lived with and loved another couple for part of his childhood writes about the … Continue reading links

Links for the new year!

Have you been wondering if anything is made in USA these days?Norka Futon makes all its mattresses and frames in the United States.  We bought one of their 8-coil mattresses for our bed four years ago and have been very happy with it.  Last month, we bought another such mattress with a sofa/bed frame to use in our living room.  The guests so … Continue reading Links for the new year!

Anything works better when you know how to use it!

This columnist argues that teenagers shouldn't be taught about contraception because studies show that younger, poorer, unmarried people using oral contraceptives or condoms are more likely to get pregnant than older, more affluent, married people using the same devices.  It's an interesting attempt at logic, but it leaves out a crucial point: Any contraceptive method that requires action … Continue reading Anything works better when you know how to use it!

Planned Porcine Hoods?

Recently I received a flurry of indignant e-mails from Planned Parenthood, decrying the refusal of FOX and CBS to air a condom commercial.  Not condom commercials in general, just one in particular.  Planned Parenthood urged me to contact everyone imaginable, demanding that this commercial must be aired so people can protect themselves from pregnancy and sexually transmitted … Continue reading Planned Porcine Hoods?