That Time Giant Ducks Fell Out of the Shower

This is Advent, the season of waiting. We wait in faith for for the light to conquer the darkness, and we wait in suspense to see what gifts we will receive for Christmas or Hanukkah and whether our gifts to others will be received with delight. The year I was six, I experienced a very … Continue reading That Time Giant Ducks Fell Out of the Shower



Happy April Fools' Day! Today we present a crosspost from our sister publication on another world, The Pyqan's Handbook. The saptapper is a small waterfowl whose long neck ends in a large mouth. Its small, glistening eyes bulge up like beads around the neck. Saptappers are purple, in bands shading darker, bluer, grayer from mouth … Continue reading Saptappers


This morning I realized that Today's Young People have created the need for a device which can assess the pajama-like qualities of one's outfit in a quick and objective manner to determine whether or not it qualifies as clothing for the purposes of, say, attending school.  This pajameter could be used at the school entrance … Continue reading Pajameter