Joyous to the “Eyebrow”

I was recently given a gift, not because I need the tools enclosed but just so that I could admire the packaging. This is truly a startling example of the kind of thing you sometimes find on Earth that seems to be written in English but . . . isn't . . . quite. The … Continue reading Joyous to the “Eyebrow”

Tater-Totter: A 4-year-old’s Traffic Safety Invention

Lydia and I were riding in the back seat of our car, along the highway at the beginning of our family's Memorial Day vacation.  Lydia was looking out the window at the passing cars and suddenly turned to me. LYDIA: Mama, do you know about a tater-totter?  That's a car but with two wheels in … Continue reading Tater-Totter: A 4-year-old’s Traffic Safety Invention


Happy April Fools' Day! Today we present a crosspost from our sister publication on another world, The Pyqan's Handbook. The saptapper is a small waterfowl whose long neck ends in a large mouth. Its small, glistening eyes bulge up like beads around the neck. Saptappers are purple, in bands shading darker, bluer, grayer from mouth … Continue reading Saptappers