That Time I Bought Ladybugs by Mail

Years ago, Daniel and I made friends with this guy named Vinnie who lived in one of the apartments over the garages behind the cluster of rowhouses where we were living at the time.  His apartment was small and shabby, but he'd chosen it because it had a large yard, and he loved gardening.  In … Continue reading That Time I Bought Ladybugs by Mail


A Tale of Two Toothpastes

As a VIP member of Grove Collaborative, I get a free item or special deal every month or two.  Recently, we've tried two new natural toothpastes.  Based on our 20 years' experience trying natural and Earth-friendly hygiene products and cleaning products, here's our evaluation of these two minty mouth-cleaning options.  This is an honest review.  We … Continue reading A Tale of Two Toothpastes

Horses don’t dance in the bathtub.

Lydia, three years old, informed me that this is NOT called a soap dish.  It is a soap bench. You can see her point. Immediately after this pronouncement, she stood up and started dancing. MAMA: Don't dance in the bathtub.  It's slippery. LYDIA: I am just showing you how horses dance. (slips a little; casually … Continue reading Horses don’t dance in the bathtub.