Brown Rice Salad

Looking for something gluten-free to bring to a potluck?  My family recently tested 4 varieties of gluten-free pasta and two pasta alternatives in my Sunflower Pasta Salad recipe.  One of the alternatives that didn't work well was brown rice--the size and texture just aren't right for that recipe. But we had a recipe for a … Continue reading Brown Rice Salad

Grildebeen Burgers (homemade veggie burgers)

Most supermarkets these days sell convenient frozen veggie burgers.  We've eaten a lot of these, and most of them are quite tasty and nutritious.  But they tend to cost around a dollar per patty, and they're packed in plastic, and they've been shipped across the continent in a freezer truck, and many of them feature … Continue reading Grildebeen Burgers (homemade veggie burgers)