Impulse Control and Understanding Consequences

Like learning to share, these are skills some parents claim are absolutely impossible in babies and toddlers.  I think they're underestimating what those little brains can do!  Babies are capable of controlling some impulses, some of the time--they just aren't as good at it as older people.  Babies are capable of learning that something they … Continue reading Impulse Control and Understanding Consequences

Mothering in transit

The distance from our home to our childcare center is less than three miles. In rush-hour traffic, it's a 20-minute drive. But almost every day, Nicholas and I make the trip by public transit, taking two buses and at least 45 minutes in each direction. I could walk that distance in that time! Am I insane?! No. I'm convinced that public transit is a wonderful way to travel with a young child. The conveniences more than make up for the inconveniences, that extra time is time we spend together, and the trip is full of learning experiences for my child and me.