Quick Lunch from Leftovers: Roasted Tomatoes and Crispy Garlic Kale

Working from home gives you the opportunity to throw together lunch using whatever you happen to have in the kitchen.  Sometimes that can turn out weird . . . or it can take longer than you expected to cook lunch, so you end up eating at the computer . . . but with some versatile leftovers ready to heat and eat, sometimes it can turn out really well!
Today, I had

  • some Crispy Garlic Kale left over from the side dish to an otherwise unambitious meal of fish sticks and frozen hash browns,
  • some Italian-flavor roasted tomatoes left over from a multi-flavor tomato roasting binge,
  • and some whole-wheat rotini left over from a meal with salmon and green beans.

These photos were taken in my ordinary kitchen lighting, on my 65-year-old Formica countertop, with naturally occurring background clutter.  I will think of this as “keeping it real” rather than “being lazy.”

I sprinkled nutritional yeast flakes on the pasta, for extra protein, B vitamins, and umami.

I heated it all in the microwave for 90 seconds.

Lunch!  Chewy, oily, yummy, just enough carbs for me, and plenty of nutritious, locally-grown vegetables!  It went from, “What could I eat?” to ready in less than 5 minutes.

Now quit reading things on the Internet and go get yourself something to eat!

…or check out what other Earthlings are eating at Hearth and Soul!

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