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This speech by a psychologist includes some fascinating ideas about gender roles.

After landing a movie role at age 13, this local actor responded to his success by deciding he should do something to help his community.  He hasn’t done it yet, but just the fact that he thought of it is refreshing!

Have you heard that compact fluorescent light bulbs are so dangerous that if you break one your home will become a hazardous waste site?  Not true.

Your driving habits affect your gas mileage.  The Environmental Protection Agency offers this handy guide to the fuel economy and emissions of new vehicles.

Here’s a wonderful article about two mothers’ attempts to find peace and patience through prayer, being unable to get the uninterrupted prayer time they’d hoped for, but finding their peace and patience anyway.  This experience is very familiar to me!  What I love about this article is that it reminds me that I have a choice about how to react when my plans are disrupted: I can let it ruin everything and behave badly as a result, or I can remain open to the possibility of getting what I need in a different way.

The same writer’s shopping list brought her newfound gratitude for the blessings of her life.

A new student at a Nova Scotia high school was bullied because he wore a pink shirt, so a lot of other boys wore pink to show that the color you wear does not affect your gender.  (How does anyone get to high school without figuring that out??)

Did you know that most fabric softeners are loaded with dangerous chemicals?  Also on the market are bumpy plastic balls that claim to be a healthy, enviro-friendly alternative to fabric softener, but at least one brand is not.  The comments on that page list several safe ways to soften one’s laundry but also debate whether softening really makes much difference.  I kind of like crunchy laundry, myself; that’s what “feels clean” to me!

Finally, an explanation of Why Nerds Are Unpopular!  If you are an unpopular teenaged nerd, consider joining KGB, where you may enjoy popularity among your own kind.

Here are some enviro-tips for laundry, including a way to enjoy filtered drinking water and use the waste-water in the washing machine, as well as a more effective low-waste way to wash a small amount of laundry.  Like many methods of conserving resources, these save money, too!

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