Don’t forget the lemonade!

How come people don’t serve lemonade more often?  And why is it that, when people do serve lemonade, it’s usually the fake kind made from a powder?

Yeah, squeezing lemons is a lot of work.  But lemon juice comes in a bottle!  You can make lemonade with just bottled lemon juice, sugar, water, and maybe some ice cubes if you want to get fancy.  It’s quick!  It’s easy!  It’s inexpensive!  It’s only one more ingredient than instant fake lemonade!  It contains no food coloring, artificial flavor, or other weird stuff.

This isn’t even a recipe, just a reminder: The lemonade recipe on the label of your typical lemon-juice bottle makes a tasty beverage at a fraction of the cost of soda, Kool-Aid, or bottled water.  It’s ideal for parties, picnics, church coffee hour in the summertime, and other big get-togethers.  We make lemonade at Girl Scout camp because it completely conceals the funny taste of the mineral-laden rural tap water.

And you don’t even have to make a whole pitcher!  Keep a bottle of lemon juice in your refrigerator door, and you can mix up a glass of lemonade anytime, just by tossing some juice and sugar into a glass of cold water and stirring with an iced-tea spoon or chopstick.  Add a little salt, and it becomes an electrolyte replenisher that will really perk you up on hot summer days!

Just a splash of lemon juice in water is pleasant, like the water with a lemon wedge served in restaurants, without the hassle of maintaining a stock of fresh lemons and getting out a knife every time you want some.  One tablespoon contains 6% of your daily Vitamin C and only 3 calories.

7 thoughts on “Don’t forget the lemonade!

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  3. This is a great tip! My son has been asking me to make lemonade but I don’t like using the powder and didn’t really want to squeeze a bunch of lemons; so this is perfect. Next time I go to the store I am picking up a bottle of lemon juice. 🙂

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