The Frog Game

Here’s a game I learned at camp many years ago.  It’s a fun way to fill those moments when you need something to do that doesn’t require any special equipment.  We used to play it when we got to the dining hall early and were waiting for the dinner bell to ring!

Shhh, don’t tell the kids, but this is a great way to practice the multiplication tables of twos and fours!

Make sure to start slowly when new players are involved.  Kids younger than nine may find this game too difficult.

Sit in a circle. Clap your hands, slap your thighs, clap your hands, snap your fingers; repeat. Keep doing this until everyone is synchronized. Then, one at a time going around the circle, each player speaks on the clap-slap:
#1: One frog.
clap, snap
#2: Two eyes.
clap, snap
#3: Four legs.
clap, snap
#4: In the pond.
clap, snap
#5: Ker-plop!
The tricky part is that when you get to, “Ker-plop!” you go directly to the next clap-slap (skipping the clap-SNAP), so the next player has to speak immediately:
#6: Two frogs.
clap, snap
#7: Four eyes.
clap, snap
#8: Eight legs.
clap, snap
#9: In the pond.
clap, snap
#10: Ker-plop!
#11: Ker-plop!
#12: Three frogs.

If you mess up–you fail to speak when it’s your turn, or you say the wrong thing–then you become #1 and start all over again. It becomes a cooperative effort to see how many frogs you can get into the pond!

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