Menu Selection System

Here is one way for Girl Scouts (or any other group) to agree on what meals to have at camp or some other occasion.  I’ve used it twice, with great success.

First, have the girls brainstorm menu ideas.  Then, between meetings, leaders sort out the ideas that are affordable and feasible for the cooking equipment, budget, and time available, narrowing it down to two options for each meal.  (If you have been with the same troop for a while and have a good sense of what they like to eat and what kinds of cooking they like to do, you can skip the brainstorming part.)

Write the two possible menus for each meal on a sheet of scrap paper: one option on the left, one on the right.  Tape these sheets on the wall in a stack such that one meal at a time is visible.

Present the choices for one meal.  Call on girls for “discussion”, which means statements based on something other than their personal tastes, for example, “Cereal would be easier to clean up than eggs.”  Girls need to raise their hands and listen to the one who has the floor.

After discussion, girls vote.  Tear the paper in half, put the winning choice in your binder, and put the losing choice in the trash.  If girls are evenly split, leaders cast the deciding votes.

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