Toaster Oven Tip

A standard square cake pan, pie pan, or bread pan may fit into your toaster-oven.

I can’t believe I never thought of this before!  Somehow, I had gotten the idea that the reason toaster-ovens often come with their own pan and the reason special toaster-oven pans are sold is that pans designed for regular ovens are too big or somehow don’t work.  I never tried.  Even after we looked everywhere for a toaster-oven pan that didn’t have non-stick coating, then accepted a gift set of non-stick toaster-oven pans that when heated make a terrible smell that gives me a headache, still I didn’t think of trying any of our regular pans in the toaster-oven until just a few weeks ago!

Veggie burgers, pizza, French fries, breaded fish, oily leftovers, and Ten-minute Tofu cook just fine in any plain old metal pan that fits into the toaster-oven.  If anything, the plain pans seem less likely than the non-stick ones to get spots of burned food that won’t scrub off.  I am amazed!