Try my card game!

Many years ago, I came up with an idea for a game in which you build a map of a suburban area using cards/tiles depicting segments of street. I made a rough prototype, and then my friends the Looneys helped me make a better “alpha deck” on some extra blank cards they happened to have. The next step was to figure out what game to play on the completed map.

You see, although I and a few other people feel that just building the map is excellent (almost addictive) entertainment, most people’s reaction is, “Okay, but what’s the point? What do you do with the suburb once it’s built?” I’ve had a number of ideas, but none of them has turned into a really fun, playable, competitive game. And as I said, it’s been years–I’m tired of struggling with that issue and just want to get Rambling Sprawl Estates out into the world and see what happens!

So, if you

  • have always wanted to develop your tabletop into a mass of suburban sprawl, without the unsightly pollution and habitat destruction,
  • adore tile-layout games or similar puzzles,
  • have a great idea for a fun, playable, competitive game, if only you had a suburban area in which to play it, or
  • need to create an imaginary suburban area as the setting for your novel, role-playing game, or idle fantasy,

then Rambling Sprawl Estates is for you!

Download the PDFs here!
Read more about Rambling Sprawl Estates here!
See photos of Rambling Sprawl Estates here!

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