Spam’s Spinach-ghetti

Don’t worry, this recipe does not include that horrible canned meatlike product!!

Way back in 2001 (whoa, I feel so old every time I say that!) when we bought a share in a CSA farm for the first time, we were baffled about what to do with so much spinach–the first few weeks, we received a pound or two of spinach every week. We’ve since learned many yummy ways to fix spinach (all of our kale ideas, except the crispy one, also work with spinach) but at the time, we were struggling.

Then our friend Spam (his real name is Steve, but we call him by his initials) taught us this easy, tasty way to use spinach:

Start cooking some spaghetti and heating up some sauce. Meanwhile, put a lot of spinach into your colander in the sink–really, a lot of spinach, twice as much as you think you could eat if it was your entire meal, because it’s going to shrink dramatically. Wash the spinach and remove tough stems and any other yucky parts.

When the spaghetti is ready, drain it onto the spinach. The hot water will cook the spinach just the right amount!

Put spinach and spaghetti back into the pot. The spinach will be sort of matted together. Use a pasta claw or a fork to separate the leaves and mix them into the spaghetti.

Serve spinach-ghetti onto plates and top with sauce.

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