THE Coleslaw Recipe!

I’ve tried many coleslaw recipes over the past 20 years but never managed to produce a batch of coleslaw that tasted quite right to me.  Sure, I could eat a serving and enjoy it, but the typical cabbage is pretty big and makes a lot of coleslaw, and I never made any that I liked well enough to keep eating it until it was gone.  I sadly concluded that I just don’t have cabbage nengkan and ought to leave the making of coleslaw to others.

KFC and Long John Silver’s, for example, have some of the best coleslaw around, in my opinion.  See, it’s not that I’m some sort of haughty connoisseur of coleslaw; I like the mainstream American type; it’s just that I’ve never been able to make it correctly.

Well, last week’s farm share gave us a very pointy-headed cabbage that my 5-year-old son thought was so cute, he drew a smiley face on its outer leaf with a marker and insisted that I take a picture of them together.  Sighing nervously, I planned to search for a new coleslaw recipe and try again, but before I got around to that, I happened to follow a link to a blog that linked to this recipe for Copycat KFC Coleslaw.

My search for a good coleslaw recipe has ended at last!  This is the one!  It really does taste very similar to KFC coleslaw and has the same sort of fluffy texture.  The leftovers held up well for the 4 days it took us to eat them all.  (We liked it very much, but it’s still only a side dish!)

I substituted sour cream for both mayonnaise and buttermilk, to avoid making a grocery run for ingredients we probably wouldn’t use in anything else.  That worked just fine.

Our food processor’s grater attachment turned the cabbage into properly tiny shreds.  The carrots, though, came through in very long shreds.  Running them through a second time made them smaller.

4 thoughts on “THE Coleslaw Recipe!

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