Get your Dawn Scarab T-shirt today!

Daniel recently started using a small digital picture frame as an alarm clock, to help him slay the snooze-button sloth by awakening him with a glowing image as well as music.  (Yes, this picture frame plays an MP3.  As a picture frame, it’s absurdly fancy.  As an alarm clock, it’s pretty cool.)  It’s working!!!  He gets up by 6:20 and makes the coffee every weekday now!!!

Of course, if you are being awakened by a glowing image, it’s important to have the right image to set your mood.  Daniel made his own.  It is an Egyptian scarab beetle with rainbow wings, holding up a globe of light.  He has now made this beautiful art available on T-shirts, tote bags, and mugs.  Anybody who likes Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover will love it!  Also scarab lovers, rainbow lovers who don’t mind beetles, and people whose favorite shirts were purchased at science-fiction conventions.  (I’m not being silly; I like the T-shirt selection at cons and wish I had more use for T-shirts in my wardrobe!)

If you don’t like the Dawn Scarab, how about the mysterious Double Cat?  This one is, of course, also available on a mouse pad.

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