Do you have the right to know if your food is Genetically Modified?

If you live in the United States, right now you do NOT have any way of knowing whether the food you buy contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  These are plants or animals whose DNA has been manipulated in a way that does not occur naturally, usually combining genes from two or more species.  More than 40 countries require GMO foods to be labeled, but the U.S. does not, although GMO crops are widely grown here.  Since GMOs entered our food supply in the 1990s, food allergies have skyrocketed, and thousands of acres of farmland have had to be abandoned to new super-weeds.

Sign the Just Label It! petition to tell the FDA that American consumers want genetically modified foods to be labeled.  This isn’t advocating a ban on GMOs.  It’s just asking that our food labels provide the information so that consumers can make a choice.  I mean, gee, if you want to eat GMOs, you should support labeling, too!


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12 thoughts on “Do you have the right to know if your food is Genetically Modified?

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    • Looks like you meant to post your question on this article.

      It is possible that your boy will be O+, in which case there are NO health implications. If he is A+, there is a risk of newborn jaundice. Click on the link above for information.

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