The Temporary Fate of “Cute and Thrifty Scouring Powder”

Hello, readers!  Click here for the real article about how to make your own scouring powder.

This post exists because, five days after I posted the original article, I noticed that it had totally disappeared!!!  Because I had connected it to a number of link parties, I hastily posted an apology and attempted to give it the same URL as the original post.  The fact that WordPress would not allow me to use that URL gave me a clue that the article still existed…somewhere….

At lunch break, I poked around some more and confirmed that the article wasn’t on my Published list or my Drafts list.  I looked at some help files.  Finally I noticed a Trash folder with one item in it.  There was my article!  When I opened it up, it had a Restore button.  I clicked that, and the article reappeared!  Yay!!!

Now, how did it get into the Trash?  I’m not certain, but this is my best guess: The article originated on my iPad, which my son used to take the photos for the article; I then uploaded the photos using the WordPress app and saved the post as a draft.  I remember feeling that the process was not quite complete, but we needed to get out the door to school and work.  Later, on my lunch break at work, I logged in to WordPress via Web and found the draft post waiting for me–so obviously it had saved okay, after all–and I wrote the text and published the post.  I think it was two days later that I was using the iPad when it alerted me to a new comment, so I went into the WordPress app to approve the comment, and there was the scouring powder article–and I forget exactly what text was on the only available button, I think “Cancel”, but at any rate I thought that because the post was already published via another computer, what I was seeing there was just an artifact of what I had been doing last time I used the app, so I pressed that button and got on with what I was doing….

That’s probably where I went wrong, huh?  Anyway, I am sorry that the article was unavailable for a while, but I’m relieved that it was so easy to get it back!

Thanks to Daniel for responding to my email about the mystery by calling me at work and “threatening” to investigate this for me, thus motivating me to look again while narrating about how I had already tried all the obvious things; that is, in my experience, one of the best ways to see the thing that was not obvious enough the first time! 🙂

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