Cloth Wipes for Bedroom, Bathroom, and More!

I am excited to be a contributing writer in the Green in 365 series at Live Renewed!

Check out my article on how to use cloth wipes instead of paper tissues to save trees, reduce pollution, save money, and just have a better experience in so many ways.  I mean, look, aren’t they pretty?


I’ve found that looking at a cute basket full of clean, soft cloths in assorted colors and prints makes me feel happy and cared for in a way that instant garbage just doesn’t.  It makes the small amount of extra work involved in laundering the cloths feel completely worthwhile.

Here are some links to related articles here at The Earthling’s Handbook:

Critical readers will notice that I have now posted a picture of my toilet paper on the Internet.  Not very classy, I’ll admit–but it’s for educational purposes!!

UPDATE: I received an email questioning why this post is in the Sex category, so I’ll explain a little less discreetly than I did at Live Renewed: Have you ever had an intimate moment interrupted by your lover picking shreds of toilet paper off of you?  It’s embarrassing–but hard to avoid when using a paper product that is designed to fall apart on contact with liquid on a part of your body that you can’t see!  Have you ever wished to remove sticky fluids from yourself and dabbed with a tissue which then bonded with said fluids and stuck to your skin and shredded apart, turning your postcoital languor into stressful confusion?  Those guys who grab something from the laundry pile to mop up with are actually on to something, ladies!  Cloth works better, and it does get clean in the washing machine.

9 thoughts on “Cloth Wipes for Bedroom, Bathroom, and More!

  1. Just read your post on Live Renewed! Thank you for all the great information! I’m going to go find some old shirts to make some wipes today! I’ve been wanting to try cloth wipes, but didn’t know where to start. Thank you very much for this information!

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  3. My mother started doing this a couple of years ago, and honestly at the time I thought she was a wacko! But lately it’s been on my mind. Thanks for the great article over at Live Renewed. I’ll now be subscribing to both sites and then digging through my material stash to see what I can find to use for this.

    (Incidentally, I found your blog from the comments in this post:

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