Go Green in 2017: Something New in September!

Today is the first day of seventh grade for my son Nicholas and the first day in the new Bigger Sprouts classroom for my three-year-old daughter Lydia!  Even if you’re not in school and have no kids in your life, this is a great time of year to start something new.  As the leaves begin to turn red and yellow, why not make your life a little greener?

REUSABLE-SHOPPING-BAGS-4One change you could make is to take reusable tote bags to the store, instead of bringing home plastic shopping bags.  Get lots of tips on making it easy, and lots of information on what’s wrong with plastic bags, in my article at Kitchen Stewardship!

Here are some other changes you could make in the new school year:

Or, if you didn’t make these changes earlier this year:

What’s your new school year’s resolution?  Visit Waste Less Wednesday for more great green ideas!

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