A Morning Glory Moment on Earth

Purple morning glories are growing in the treetop!Last fall, when I pulled down dead vines from my front yard, I tossed them onto the hillside in the back to help control erosion. Some of the seeds fell into the soil and grew into vines that have climbed over everything that helps them reach the light.

This treetop isn’t quite as high as it might look, so I’ve tried to give some context with a wider-range photo…but my bit of Earth is topographically confusing.
The tree with the morning glories is rooted on the cliff a few feet lower than my basement floor. I’m on my first floor, standing on a chair to get a better angle (and not have to move the window screen). I’m looking over the roofs of buildings in the valley with another hillside beyond. My neighbor’s porch and fence are in the foreground.

This is the view I see, from a slightly different angle, from my seat at the breakfast table. It’s a nice place to be on Earth this Saturday.

2 thoughts on “A Morning Glory Moment on Earth

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