Get Out of the Car! Pandemic Edition

I’ve already explained how walking more can enhance your daily life.  Now that many Americans aren’t commuting to work and many gyms are closed (or they’re open, with restrictions and risks that drastically change the experience), this is a great time to take a daily walk just for exercise, fresh air, and seeing things from a different angle than you get from your windows.

So, for your inspiration, here are some photos of my local scenery this evening.  I was thinking about all the people who have lived in these houses, feeling ways about stuff that was happening on Earth at the time, experiencing being right here and right now in all the many many moments that have happened here.

Get out of the car, get out of the house, and see what you can see!

sidewalk between sycamore trees and parallel-parked cars, and brick houses and planters and butterfly bush
two old houses, one Spanish style and one made of large dark stone blocks, amid trees, hedges, and zinnias
boring white garage with door painted in op-art blocks of purple, orange, and lime green; next to house with religious-inclusivity banner, several social-justice signs, and security-system sign
old houses and trees
sidewalk passing two tiers of stone retaining wall with rosebush between them, and catalpa tree on ivy-covered hillside
sidewalk past Queen Anne's Lace flowers, dark stone retaining wall, and rusty backs of billboards
twinkling lights in a gazebo almost concealed by trees, shrubbery, and ivy-covered fence
sunset seen through power lines above a row of brick duplexes and sidewalk
John Minadeo Elementary School at sunset
Have you been taking pictures as you walk in a different bit of Earth? Feel free to share a link in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Get Out of the Car! Pandemic Edition

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