Get Your Friends to Go Green!

If you’ve always wanted to see me speak instead of reading my writing, your chance is coming!  Pittsburghers Against Single-Use Plastic is hosting a Zoom presentation and discussion of how to talk with your friends, family, and colleagues about Earth’s plastic problem to inspire positive, long-lasting changes in their behavior and attitudes.  I will be the main speaker, sharing what I’ve learned from research and from my experience teaching environmental friendliness in person and online.  You don’t have to be in Pittsburgh to learn from this discussion!  Click here to register for this free event!

If you aren’t able to attend or don’t see this until later or would rather read than Zoom, here’s the written version on the PASUP website, complete with links to research studies.  Learn how to recognize individual people’s green spots and expand them with one or more of these helpful strategies:

  • Resolving cognitive dissonance so that actions match beliefs
  • Using a triangle to identify the Threat, Villain, and Solution
  • Shifting the locus of control to empower positive action
  • Recognizing personality traits that are most receptive to greener behaviors
  • Finding the right first step
  • Nudging toward the next right thing
  • Offering a free trial
  • Pondering the legacy of instant garbage
  • Sharing your system for success

I’ve had a great time perusing research to support and better articulate strategies I’ve been using for years!  I look forward to explaining all this and hearing other people’s success stories.

Visit Hearth & Soul for other writers’ tips on Earth life–with a special focus this week on caring for the environment!

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